Research and Publications – 2019

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Research and Publications – 2018

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Research and Publications – 2017

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Research and Publications – 2016

1. Rachna Rohtagi, Nirupma Gupta, Kamlesh Khatri. A Comparative study of variation of foot arch index with body mass index among young adults, Innovative journal of Medical and Health Sience 2016; 6(2): 53-56

2. Jindal M, Srivastav S, Mahajan H, Baro G Perceptions regarding Problem based teaching learning strategy among medical students. NJIRM.2016 July-August; 7(4):

3. Jindal M, Mahajan H, Srivastav S, Baro G. Pros and cons pf problem based learning in Medical education: students’ viewpoint. NJIRM.2016 July-August; 7(4)

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Research and Publications – 2015

1. Agrawal D., Singh J.V., Garg S.K., Chopra H., Roy R., Chaturvedi M. Current trends in eye diseases and its correlates in an urban population Indian. Journal of Community Health, 2015;1:41-45. Impact Factor 1.716.

2. Gupta N, Rai AL. Anatomical variations of anterior clinoid process with its surgical importance. Innovative Journal of Medical and Health Science. 2015;1:28-30.

3. Shalini, Singh VN, Rastogi P, Yadav M. A Biometric Approach for Personal Identification Using 2-D Lip Images of Brahmin & Baniya Communities. Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine. 2015:37:71-4.

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Research and Publications – 2014

1. Mapary L, Asthana A, Madan M. Antimicrobial Activity Of Curcuma Longaextraxts On Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). Journal of Advance Researches In Biological Sciences. 2014;6:163-67.

2. Mohan S, Agarwal J, Srivastava R, Singh M. Observations On Citrobacter Species From A Tertiary Care Health Cetre With Special Referenc3 To Multi Drug Resistance And Presence Of Ctx-M Gene. Indian J Pathol Microbiol. 2014;57:439-41.

3. Dua S, Manocha H, Deshmukh G. Seroprevalence of transfusion transmitted (single and dual) infections in blood donors of western u.p. India. Journal of Public Health Research & Development.2014;3:307-11.

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Research and Publications – 2013

1. Dixit SG, Puja Rani, Anand A, Khatri K, Chauhan R, Bharihoke V.To study the effect of Monosodium glutamate (MSG) on histomorphometery of cortex of kidney in adult albino rats. Renal Failure. 2013;1-21.. Impact factor 0.944.

2. Singh V, Kharb P. A paradigm shift from teaching to learning gross anatomy: meta-analysis of implications of instructional methods. J Anat Soc India. 2013; 62: 84-89. Impact factor 0.06.

3. Saxena A, Prasad A, Sood K. Unilateral for heads of Sternocleidomastoid muscle: a rare case report. Eur. J. Anat; 17 : 186-189 Impact factor 2.097.

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Research and Publications – 2012

1. Chauhan R, Rani P, Khatri K. Histological effects of Monosodium glutamate on the liver of adult albino rat-silent killer in your kitchen cabinet. Int J of Med Toxicology and legal Med. 2012;15:49-53.

2. Samanta PP, Kharb P. Morphological analysis of the lingula in dry adult human mandibles of North Indian population. J Cranio Max Dis. 2012; 1:7-11.

3. Rai AL, Gupta N, Rohatgi R. Anatomical variations in Foramen Spinosum. Innovative Journal of medical and health sciences.2012;: 86-8.

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Research and Publications – 2011

1. Ralte S, Khatri K, Nagar M. Short-term effects of zoledronate on the histomorphology of osteoclast in young albino rats. Annals of Anatomy. 2011; 193: 509–15. Impact factor: 1.483.

2. Prajna PS, Poonam K. A variant origin of common Hepatic, right inferior phrenic artery and accessory right renal artery. Journal of Surgical Academia. 2011;1:67-9. Impact factor: 0.016.

3. Usha, Rai AL. Use of computer by healthcare professionals in Delhi & NCR region. International journal of research in Science & Techonology. 2011;1:4-8.

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