A cardiac anesthesiologist with 25 Years of experience

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Name: Dr. Suveer Sharma
Designation HoD and Professor
Education and fellowships MBBS, MD (Anesthesia)
Awards & Honors (If any)  
Previous experience Worked in prestigious cardiac center of Armed forces, MH(CTC )Pune , AH (R&R) Delhi. 
Areas of Interest Regional techniques for cardiac and thoracic surgeries
Medical Services/procedure being performed at Sharda by you Anesthesiology including cardiac anesthesiology
Professional Memberships ISA , ISA No.: S4689IACTA , IACTA No.: CLS1196
Languages spoken Hindi, English
Research and Publications (If any) Medical Journal of armed forced IndiaJournal of cardio vascular and Thoracic anesthesia- Pub med


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Link to personal website/Blog(If any) Suveer347@gmail.com