Four reasons that influence the professional life the are culture of work place, people who work in your organization, network that develops through day today dealings, and real life experience one gains while working. It is always wise decision to go to the job before attending MBA College. As you step in the office you will develop routine, you will gain certain discipline, you will learn to meet dead lines and you will gain better focus. Besides this daily learning you will have a great experience of office culture and you will establish your position as a professional.

As you plan to MBA you will realize MBA is the qualification of decision making, time management, healthy competition, innovative ideas, network building, marketing skills, and few more things. But until and unless you have work experience you can’t relate it with real life.

Another important thing is your job profile will help you to decide the major you take in course. Suppose you work on shop floor and you are more thorough about production, assembly line, shifts then you can opt for Operations as your major. Similarly if you are software engineer you can go for master’s in IT management. And if you want to start your own start up then you can choose to do major in entrepreneurship.


But the major gain you have while working can be categorized in following ways:

Culture, people, network, credibility.


You will land in all new world. The work ethics you will experience, the competitive approach, team work, and certain protocols will make you a professional guy. You will leave behind your own psychological patterns and perceptions and will absorb new ethics and professional approach. This learning will help you to develop good rapport with your peers during MBA. And If You take HR as major then definitely you can apply yourself in much sound way. Punctuality and attention to detail is another key factor which will help you during your projects and case study.


After you have graduated from bachelors one thing you will cherish will be the company of your classmates. They must be from different backgrounds and with unique talents and interests. But as you join corporate world you will see from assistant analyst to CEO, people are more qualified and professional. This energy flowing in office work stations will push you harder and will motivate you to go for MBA.


Once you are set to join MBA after your exposure to business world you will be in a position to make use of your contacts which you have gained in due years. The brand name of your company will help you to make your approach easy and effective. Your network will be wide and reliable, that is going to help you in long run.


Brand name, training, field experience does not go unnoticed by prospective employers and even by panel of judges at MBA school. The better your ground work is better are chances to get admission at top B- schools.

So the best way to approach for MBA is to go for good jobs after bachelors. The real-life experience not only boosts the confidence but also give insight of the industry. You learn to deal with situations, deadlines and above all complex personalities. First job is very important in career. And First boss is equally important. You learn tremendously from your senior In those crucial years take the wise and right decision.



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