University system earlier was in the public domain which reflected the prevailing thought process that the King is supreme for e.g. Hollowed Oxford University was founded in 1096; its portals were reserved for the privileged few. Reflecting a class based society where the scions of the first estate had a superior right over the lesser folks. For centuries till the middle of 20th century, all together getting an admission into Oxford was a ticket to extra ordinary success. It was largely funded by the public. So were most of the University systems in the world.


However the PAX Britannica stands replaced by American style capitalism. It is reflected in all spheres of life including education. Top University in the world is an American University (MIT). It is a private University funded largely by the fee tendered by the students. On the other hand Indian public Universities are struggling to be amongst the top 100. Human resources are the most important resource and India was unable to tap its full potential.

This is the genesis of idea that has led to growth of private universities in India. It was felt that barring a few top notch universities like IIT’s most public universities were being poorly managed.
This led to opening of 201 private universities by 2014. They are better managed than their public counter parts. Their management is more nimble and reactive to outside changes. They also focus a lot on the performance of students. They also provide better facilities and class room environment (Ac’s, projectors, white boards, Wi-Fi campus). They also allow foreigners (like Sharda University) to avail of high quality Indian teaching in disciplines like software. Talented students form backward areas have a great opportunity to learn from these universities. These universities provide a platform for extra – curricular activities (Chorus at Sharda University) where in students interact with famous personalities. They are excellence driven and non performers perish. However excellence in education is a very long term goal and some universities in for see able future would be able to rank amongst top 100 in the world.


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