I am Dr. Sudhir Kumar Present working as professor

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Designation Professor & Head of Department, Orthopaedics
Education and fellowships MBBS, MS, MCH Ortho Liverpool (U.K)
Awards & Honors
  • Secretary, Delhi Orthopaedic Association, 1991-94.
  • Vice President, Delhi Orthopaedic Association, 1994-95.
  • President Elect, Delhi Orthopaedic Association, 1995-96.
  • President, Delhi Orthopaedic Association, 1996-97.
  • Presidential Oration, Delhi Orthopaedic Association, 1998.
  • Visiting Professor, B.P.Koirala, Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, Nepal, 1997.
  • P.K.Duraiswamy Oration, North Zone, Indian Orthopaedic Association, 2005.
  • Visiting Professor, School of Medical Sciences, University Sains Malaysia, Kubang Kerian, Kelatan, Malaysia, 2007.
  • M. L. Chatterjee Oration, Midcon, West Bengal Orthopaedic Association, 2012.
  • Editor – Indian Journal of Orthopaedics (2013-2015)


Previous experience Professor & Head Orthopaedics University College of Medical Sciences and GTB Hospital, Delhi University 
Areas of Interest
  • Repair and regeneration of Bone, Joint Replacement SurgerySpinal Diseases
  • Allogenic Bone Banking
Medical Services/procedure being performed at Sharda by you Spinal Surgery, Joint Replacement, Fracture Fixation
Professional Memberships
  • Life member Indian Orthopaedic Association
  • Life member World Orthopaedic Concern
  • Member Society Intermationate de Chirurgie Orthopaedique et de Traumatologie(SICOT)
  • Life member Spinal Cord Society of India.


Languages spoken English, Hindi, Panjabi
Research and Publications (If any)
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