Yatendra Kumar Gupta

Pro-Chancellor Sharda University and Vice Chairman, SGI, Educationist, Social Leader & Industrialist, Member of National Chamber of Industries and Commerce

Sharda University looks beyond established boundaries of learning and has made a difference in management and delivery of professional education in India. Behind this was the experience of almost a decade in managing a large conglomerate of education institutions with infrastructure and education delivery processes bench marked with the best. The university is endowed with a strong foundation of a culture of excellence backed by the best infrastructure and competent faculty with a significant component drawn from institutes of higher learning of national and international standing.

Ever since its establishment in 2009 the University has created facilities for a wide spectrum of disciplines including Engineering, Management, Law, Architecture, Art, Design and Media Studies, Medical and Dental Sciences. In a belief that excellence is defined by the quality of research and innovative approaches, to application of accumulated knowledge to the solution of problems of human existence, the University has put in place necessary appropriate processes for this purpose. The research and Development efforts of the University give due emphasis to inter disciplinary approach while curriculum allows the flexibility of choosing from a wide spectrum of courses.

We, at the University believe that right academic ambience is the main component of excellence in education. Our aim is to create a fully developed autonomous personality capable of functioning effectively in any part of the world and be responsive to civil society. We invite you to share the learning ambience that the University provides to excel in the world of work.

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