About Department

Knowledge of human anatomy plays crucial role in the pursuit of a medical degree. The teaching of anatomy is aimed at providing comprehensive knowledge of the gross, microscopic structure and development of human body to provide  a  basis for understanding the clinical  correlation of organs and helping students to become competent and confident problem solvers in their future professional endeavours. To ensure this, the academic sessions have a balanced approach with a combination of didactic lectures, dissection of cadavers, demonstration of bones and prosected parts, microanatomy of tissues and organs and   teacher-student interactions in the form of seminars and symposia.


Seminars & Workshops


 Spacious, well-ventilated dissection hall in which 150 students can be accommodated. Attached to the dissection hall are the rooms for embalming, storage tanks for the preservation of the cadavers, two cooling cabinets for storage of 12 cadavers and two ante-rooms for students. Well preserved specimens of all parts of the human body are available to the students in the anatomy museum.  Articulated skeletons and individual bones are also made accessible to the students during working hours. The dissection hall is well equipped with anthropometric instruments, X-ray view boxes and instruments essential for preservation of cadavers and  preparation of anatomical specimens  e.g. embalming machines,  band saw etc.

The museum displays region wise well mounted dissected specimens, bones, skeletons, and embryology amp;amp; gross anatomy models.  Catalogues with labeled pictures and brief description of mounted gross anatomy specimens are available to the students for reference. Radiology section displays plain, special radiographs of various regions of the body, CT scans amp;amp; MRI. The department has a fully equipped histology laboratory which can accommodate 75 students at a time. The students are provided with individual microscopes and slides during routine practical classes. A binocular microscope with CCTV attachment for the projection of slides on the TV is also available for teaching. Colored printouts of labeled microanatomy sections of various tissues are displayed for reference during the routine practical sessions. A preparation room equipped with tissue processing instruments for preparing slides is attached to the histology laboratory.

The departmental library consists of an excellent collection of latest books in gross anatomy, histology, embryology, neuroanatomy, genetics and radiology. Books on clinical subjects are also available to facilitate the learning of clinical anatomy. Two demonstration rooms which can accommodate 75 students each are well equipped with modern audio-visual aids like LCD projector, overhead projector and visualiser. Department has sufficient facilities for conducting research in osteology, histology and gross anatomy. Histology research lab and a central research lab facility are also available to carry out research projects .Department is activily involved in research activities and has published  more than 20  research articles in various national/international Journals in last 3 years.

Research & Publications

The department has sufficient facilities for conducting research in anthropometery, histology and gross anatomy. In addition to departmental histology research lab, a central research lab facility is also available to carry out research projects.