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The Department of Anesthesiology forms a key link between surgical team and the patients undergoing surgical procedures. The role of anesthesiologists is becoming more and more challenging with rising of life expectancy and technological advances in surgical field. Modern anesthesiology today is not restricted to operation theaters but play important role in Critical care, Pain therapy, Endoscopy, Cardiac catheterization and other intensive management rich departments. The Anesthesiology amp;amp; Critical Care Department has eight OTs. There are state of the art modular operation theatres with laminar flow and push button control of light and other system. All the OTs are fitted with centralized anesthesia gas delivery system and equipped with modern anesthesia machines.

Department of Anesthesiology has motivated team of faculties and senior residents. Nurses in operation theatre are well trained to assist in major operations and in taking care of patients requiring intensive care. Department gives opportunity of teaching and learning opportunities as well as research in a medical institution. Medical undergraduates are exposed to all there technique during their clinical posting.


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Equipment Available All OT complexes are equipped as per minimum monitoring standards and advanced monitoring available in major O.T like defibrillator, anesthesia machine, advanced monitors like multi-parameter monitor, Respiratory Gas Monitor (RGM), Peripheral Nerve Stimulator (PNS), Nerve locator, difficult airway kits, Peri-operative anesthesia record . Surgery OT has equipment for Minimal Invasive Surgery and Orthopedics operation theatre is equipped with C-Arm, Mechanical Tourniquets along with other modern operative equipments. Anesthesia Work Station C-Arm Machine The department provides anesthetic services for all major specialties. The department caters to a large number of cases per month under anesthesia that includes Neuro-surgery, Minimal Access Surgery, Joint Replacement Surgery and Spine Surgery as well. It provides outside anesthesia services in Radiology suits and helps in Casualty department. Patients are assessed daily in pre-anesthesia care OPD.

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