About Department

Knowledge of Biochemistry is essential to understand various mechanisms taking place in health and disease in human body. The Biochemistry emphasizes the basic clinical aspects of enzymology with emphasis on diagnostic enzymes, principles of routine and specialized biochemical investigations and techniques, basic and applied molecular biology, immunology etc.

The Department has well qualified faculty trained and worked in reputed Medical colleges such as AIIMS, IMS- BHU etc. Apart from teaching, they are actively participating in research work. Some of the faculty is involved in medical education training as well.


Seminars & Workshops


The Department is  well equipped  with practical laboratory for undergraduate MBBS students . The departmental Research laboratory has some sophisticated equipments such as UV/Visible spectrophotometer, Horizontal and vertical electrophoresis units, UV Transilluminator, Flame photometer, homogenizer and pH meter etc.

Demonstration rooms

Two demonstration rooms which can accommodate 75 students each are well equipped with modern audio-visual aids like LCD projector and, overhead projector.


The department has excellent collection of latest books of basic biochemistry, Medical biochemistry and clinical biochemistry

Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory

In addition to teaching programmes, the department is running 24 hours clinical biochemistry laboratory in Sharda hospital. The Biochemistry laboratory is functioning as integral unit of Central laboratory, has equipments like Cobas C111 autoanalyser, 2 units of Semiautoanalyzer, ISE based electrolyte analyser, ABG etc for both routine and emergency testing.

Central Research Laboratory

Central Research Laboratory of School of Medical Sciences & Research located in SMSR building, a well equipped post graduate lab boasts of equipments like PCR machine, refrigerated high speed centrifuge, electrophoresis, deep freezer, ELISA etc is also supervised by the department. The faculties present in Departmental research laboratory and central laboratory are for all the students and faculty

Research & Publications

Research projects 

Research activities presently include molecular, immunological and clinical biochemistry in areas of and endocrinal diseases, CVS, free radical chemistry and infertility. The following research projects are being carried out by the faculty members:

  1. Role of Nitric oxide in health and disease.
  2. Biochemical study of risk factors for occurence of Cardiovascular disease amongst Subclinical Hypothyroidism patients.
  3. Assessment of Coronary artery disease risk in Knee osteoarthritis patients of Greater Noida.
  4. Role of vitamin E supplementation against oxidative stress in Hypertensive smokers.