ENT and Head & Neck Surgery

About Department

The department of ENT and head & Neck Surgery provides comprehensive care to patient with disease of the ear, nose, throat and head and neck, the anatomic limits being the dura above and the pleura below.

The ENT department offers routine diagnostic services in allergy, tumor, audiology, vertigo and has facilities for evaluation and treatment of speech disorders

The Department also performs ear surgeries for deafness, chronic ear discharge, surgery for cosmetic and functional problems of the nose, surgery for head and neck ailments, cancer and facial trauma. The department has facilities for endoscopy, functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), laryngoscopy, esophagoscopy and bronchoscopy & microlaryngeal surgery.

Diagnostic camps and school health surveys are conducted for ENT ailments in rural and urban school in greater Noida & around.

The outpatient department is quite busy and caters to the needs of around 60-70 patient daily. There is a procedure room attached to the outpatient department which is equipped with one microscope which can be used for diagnostic and office procedure in Otology. Also available are rigid nasal endoscopes for diagnostic     nasal endoscopies

Diagnostic Service/Tests

(a) Endoscopy: The endoscopy room is situated in the OPD area. This is done for patients with problems such as snoring, laryngeal problems causing hoarseness and some throat problems like cancer of the throat. Rigid nasal endoscopy is done for patients with nose, sinus and nasopharyngeal problems. The pictures can be seen on a monitor, as there is a tiny video camera on the end of the endoscope.

(b) Pure tone audiometry Hearing test

(c) Hearing Aid Trial

Rehabilitation facilities available are

(a) Hearing aid fitting

(b) Speech therapy – treating problems with speech

Surgical Procedures

The department has one fully equipped operation theatre facilities for the ear with the help of operating microscope are available. Otologic procedure carried out vary from myringotomy and grommet insertion to

Tympanoplasty & MRM. Nasal endoscopes are available in the operation theater to carry out sinus surgery. (functional endoscopic sinus surgery). We perform a wide variety of head and neck surgeries. These include parotid surgery, Thyroid, Lymphangioma etc.


The department is involved in teaching to undergraduate MBBS, students. The undergraduate training programme includes lecture, seminars and case presentations, demonstration, Group Discussion & CMES. Faculty members assess the presentation of undergraduate students. These records are maintained as a form of internal assessment. Undergraduates are guided by a faculty members are allowed to observe major & minor surgeries in operation theatre apart from attending OPD’s in routine


Seminars & Workshops


Research & Publications

Department is activily involved in research activities and  has published 10-15 case report, publications/ research articles in various national/international Journals in last two years.