About Department

Department of Microbiology, the integral part of the institution with a goal of shaping the medical students with holistic development in all skills and make them caring and compassionate medical professionals. Department of Microbiology is contributory by being equipped with the highly qualified and experienced faculty who are renowned doctors in their respecting field of medical microbiology.  At the same time department is also equipped with all modern diagnostic and research facilities with sophisticated medical equipments.

Department of Microbiology imparts Medical education of highest standard to its MBBS students and students of related physical biologic sciences at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. Conventional teaching methods are aided with modern teaching modalities. Teaching in the form of lectures, demonstrations, practicals and tutorials is extended to problem based learning, symposium, student seminars and journal presentation

Student practical laboratory in the department can accommodate up to 150 students, with a provision of separate microscope, reagents and other articles for each. To provide undivided attention to individual student practical’s supervised by multiple faculty.


Seminars & Workshops


The museum in the department consisting of well mounted specimens, models and charts from various branches of microbiology remains open on all working days.

Catalogues with labeled pictures and brief description of mounted specimens are available for reference.

The museum displays various mounted parasites, models of viruses, articles used in routine diagnostic laboratory and serological kits.


The departmental library consists of an excellent collection of books about Bacteriology, Parasitology, Virology, Mycology, Immunology and other related areas. Books on clinical subjects are also available to facilitate the learning of clinical microbiology.

Demonstration rooms

Two demonstration rooms which can accommodate 75 students each are well equipped with modern audio-visual aids like LCD projector, overhead projector etc.

Diagnostic services:

Central laboratory under the department of microbiology provides diagnostic services to the entire hospital round the clock. The diagnostic services include microscopy, culture/sensitivity and serology. The laboratory is fast growing with a scope of automation and incorporation of most advance rapid diagnostic techniques

Bacteriology Laboratory

Apart from providing routine diagnostic services this section is also involved with the surveillance of hospital infections.

The numbers of infections occurring in high risk wards are recorded and infection rates determined.

Environmental sampling is also done to monitor effective decontamination and disinfecting procedures carried out in the hospital. Records of the resistance pattern are maintained for monitoring of antimicrobial resistance. Surveillance of the staff to detect any carrier state in outbreaks is undertaken

Research & Publications


The areas of current research under the department are

  • Prevalence of ESBL in various clinical samples at Sharda Hospital, Greater Noida
  • A study on nosocomial infections and management guidelines
  • A study on biomedical waste and management guidelines
  • A study on emerging drug resistance.