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The Orthopaedic department of SMS&R is a multidisciplinary team staffed by senior faculty,    senior residents,   junior residents,    surgical   staff and dedicated nurses. Orthopaedic department of SMS&R comprises of two active units running OPD in four spacious rooms equipped with all basic material needed for examination. Department consists   of a seminar room for academics and teaching of undergraduate students.

Orthopaedic Department has individual procedure room, plaster room and a minor O.T. for various minor surgical and non surgical procedures

Clinical teaching in out-patient department

Orthopaedic ward of SMS&R college consist of thirty eight   beds   for indoor patients which  is  divided  into  pre operative, Post operative and infectious cubicle. Two   separate   seminar   rooms are there for undergraduate teaching .Two procedure room is there for post operative dressing and Minor Surgical procedure. Dedicated   team of Senior Residents, Junior Residents and Paramedical staff are available round the clock.

One   dedicated   Orthopaedic Operation theatre is situated in O.T. complex on   second floor of Sharda hospital main building:  Equipped with all the modern gadgets like laminar airflow Image Intensifier, Arthroscopy instrument for all major joints, modern instruments for management of skeletal trauma such as AO instrumentation,   interlocking nail systems,  pneumatic & electric drill system,  electric torniquet system,  boyle’s apparatus for anaesthesia, joint replacement instrumentation. Facilities available are Reduction of fracture & plaster application under c-arm , Plating, closed pinning, interlocking nailing , hip fracture fixation ,change of ball of hip joint, wiring , pinning ,external  fixator  application ,illizarov fixation .The department is well  supported by Radiology, Neurosurgery & Plastic surgery department.

Joint replacement surgeries   like  Total  knee  and hip replacement surgeries are done regularly. Arthroscopic   minimally invasive joint surgery is practiced and performed regularly in the department. Arthroscopy is regularly being done for major joints –like knee, shoulder, special focus on state of art surgery for ligament reconstruction .   Spine surgeries include laminectomy and spinal fracture fixation fixation    are  being done regularly in the department. Ilizarov Surgery is specialized modality which is being widely used for treatment of infected / non-infected non unions, Limb length discrepancy & deformity correction of limbs. Pediatric Orthopaedics surgeries including polio, cerebral palsy, club foot, CTEV and operative treatment of fractures are regularly managed in the department.

The institute also has modern Physiotherapy unit which works in close co-ordination with the orthopedic department for comprehensive care of patients.


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