About Department

Pathology department at Sharda University has Academic and diagnostic sections and blood bank services.

Academic  Activities

The department is involved in teaching Pathology to MBBS students. The department has well qualified, highly experienced and dedicated teaching staff. The teaching learning process is carried out in the form of Lectures, Demonstration, Practicals, Tutorials, and problem Based Learning, Symposium and student seminars.

In practical classes, batches of 10- 12 students are allotted to a teacher to encourage students to interact with teachers thus ensuring attention to individual students.

The performance of the individual student is evaluated by class tests at the end of each system, through student seminars, and by grading system in tutorials to asses their overall performance. The performance of students is discussed individually and remedial measures are taken.

The department has more than 300 mounted specimens and charts displayed in the museum. These are regularly shown and discussed with students in small groups.

Students are encouraged to make presentations during seminars and symposia.


Seminars & Workshops


We use LCD Projector, overhead projector, Trinocular Microscope with CCTV, explaining to the students the concepts of diseases by audio-visual aids.

Research & Publications

The department is actively involved in the research activities. There are eleven publications in various Journals.

Diagnostic Services

The Department provides expertise and diagnostic services in the field of Histopathology, Cytology, Clinical Pathology and Haematology. The units are headed by a professor & are comprised of asst professors & tutors. . The   professors or unit heads in turn, report the activities to HOD.

Histopathology section deals with examination of the tissue removed surgically for histopathologic assessment of tissue. The histopathology diagnosis is required for treatment of patient. Suitable specimen are also preserved in museum, and used for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and during examination.

It also has a cryostat used to cut frozen section to give quick diagnosis (1/2 to 1 hour) while the patient is still on the operation table during surgery, and is of particular use in cancer patients.

The Haematology section of the department is involved in providing round the clock service to the indoor and outdoor patients and has latest state of art equipments (advanced haematology analyzers, Coagulometer).We are also doing bone marrow studies, leukemia and Haemolytic anemia work up and coagulation profiles.

Cytopathology Section deals with examination of the body fluid. We are also doing FNAC (fine needle aspiration cytology) to give diagnosis of cancer cases within very short time. Cancer screening for cancer cervix is also being done here.

Blood Bank transfusion provides Whole Blood, packed RBC, Fresh frozen Plasma, and Platelet Concentrate Single Donor Platelets.Donors are regularly screened for HIV, HbsAg & HCV by ELISA, and also screened for malaria parasite & syphilis. Our department emphasizes on high quality standards in all aspects of Blood transfusion Services. Universal precautions are strictly adhered to, and the guidelines of good manufacturing practices are followed: