About Department

Doctor of Medicine (Pharmacology)

The Department’s mission is to enhance the stature of the School and of SU by combining high quality teaching with internationally recognized research.

Currently, research in the Department focuses on, (i) neuropsychopharmacology (ii) the pharmacology of inflammation (iii) pharmaco-epidemiology including pharmacovigilance. Department is well equipped with facilities, which permit the investigation of drug action. The departmental faculty have published their research work in peer-reviewed indexed journals and made presentations of the same, at various international and national conferences.

The Department has adequate no. of academic staff. The faculty includes members who have worked at the prestigious academic institutions as PGIMER, Chandigarh and UCMS, Delhi.

The Department of Pharmacology is presently conducting teaching of undergraduate MBBS students, utilizing innovative Problem-Based Learning methodologies based on Evidence Based Education. The department plans to offer MD in Pharmacology, MSc & PhD Postgraduate courses in near future.


Pharmacology, as a discipline, is a dynamic interface of various pre-clinical, para-clinical and clinical medical disciplines. Being a bridging subject, its mastery is crucial for a successful career in medicine.

The teaching of undergraduates has undergone a significant change in recent years, which we have incorporated in our pharmacology curriculum. Several topics of Clinical Pharmacology have been introduced in the form of lectures/group discussions/tutorials, student seminars & integrated with other disciplines.

Greater emphasis is placed on tutorials/group discussions on rational prescribing, prescription-writing skills, therapeutic problem-solving, prescription audit, drug interaction exercises and ADR monitoring.

Animal experimentation has been replaced with Computer-Simulated Exercises.


Seminars & Workshops


The department is housed on the 5th floor of the SMS&R building. The department has separate laboratories for experimental pharmacology, pharmacy and postgraduate research work. Adequate facilities for the faculty, seminar room, demonstration rooms and departmental library are provided. The departmental library is well stacked with recent and reference books. Animal house facilities for basic research are available in a modern central animal house.

Research & Publications