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Medical physiology is the science that deals with an understanding of the basic functioning of the normal body. Until the concept of normal functioning is understood, the student shall fail to understand what went wrong to cause the disease process. So, one must have knowledge of physiology is essential to comprehend or analyze the basic understanding of medicine.

School of Medical Sciences and Research, Sharda University has a well developed Physiology department with experienced and eminent faculty members from premier and prestigious institutes of the country like All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi; University College of medical Sciences, New Delhi; and King George Medical College, Lucknow.

Didactic lectures constitute only a third of the teaching .The rest is in the form of interactive tutorials, student seminars, problem based learning (PBL) and quizzes which are routinely conducted at regular intervals.


Seminars & Workshops


The department has four well equipped laboratories: Haematology, Human physiology, Clinical Lab, four experimental lab and a Research lab.

1. Haematology laboratory:

The department has a well equipped, spacious haematology laboratory. The students are provided with individual microscopes and slides for the practicals. The lab is fully functional with all the instruments and facilities needed for haematology practicals like haemocytometers, haemoglobinometers, centrifuge machines, hot air oven & Neubauer’s chambers for measurement of hemoglobin, RBC and WBC count and other haematology practical. It also boasts of CCTV setup and demonstration microscopes to ensure better teaching learning.

 2. Clinical physiology laboratory:

The clinical physiology lab is the lab where aspiring medical professionals learn the basic clinical procedures like blood pressure measurement, clinical examination of respiratory  cardiovascular and central nervous system. Students use physiographs, spirometers, ECG machine, perimeters, ishihara charts, bicycle ergometer, peak flow meter, mosso’s ergograph etc, during their scheduled practical classes to enhance their knowledge and practical skills.

3. Experimental & Mammalian laboratory 

This is the lab where experimental practicals are demonstrated to students. It is equipped with instruments like kymographs, Sherrington Starling drums, stimulators, keys, levers, smoking assembly water bath OT tables etc. to aid experimental teaching learning.

4. Research laboratory

The faculty members of physiology are also keen researchers. The departmental research lab is well developed and caters to the needs of the undertaken research projects. The research lab houses polyrites (digital and analog) for experiments like EMG, EEG and ECG. Pulmonary function tests are routinely done on patients in this lab.

5. Library

The department has a well equipped library with the latest editions of standard textbooks and reference books and has access to wide range of journals. The faculty has unlimited access to the internet and regularly attends CMEs, conferences and workshops in the college and in other institutions for enhancement of knowledge.

Research & Publications