About Department

The department of Radiodiagnosis is equipped with latest X-Ray machines ranging with 300mAs to 800mAs with fluoroscopy and image intensifier. The digital radiography (C.R) system is available providing best quality film for better diagnosis leading to better patient care. The department is also equipped with ultrasound, Color Doppler (photo 1)

And C.T. Scan. The department is providing special investigating facilities like I.V.P, Barium Series, HSG etc, ultrasound and C.T. guided interventional procedures and also providing around the clock facilities including 24 hrs emergency services for X-Ray, Ultrasound and C.T. Scan (photo 2)

The department also provides bedside X-Ray and portable ultrasound facilities to required and serious patients. The department conduct intradepartmental clinical meeting to discuss interesting cases, topics as well as recent advances.

The department is having well experience faculty dedicated to Academics and the students are exposed to all on going.

The departement organised 2 National CME:

A) National CME on Chest and Doppler Imaging Organised by Prof. Satish Kumar Bhargava on 17 March 2013.

B) National CME on MUSCULOSKELETAL IMAGING organised by Prof. Satish Kumar Bhargava on 13 April 2014


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