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Master of Science (Medical Physiology)

Master of Science (Medical Physiology)

  • Program Code


  • Level

    Post Graduate

  • Duration

    3 Years


M. Sc Medical Physiology is a three-year post-graduate programme focused on equipping students with an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. The programme exposes students to studies involving many organism functions. This not only stimulates thoughts regarding therapeutic and health-promoting opportunities but also encourages thoughts to experiment with modification of one function to bring changes in other functions.

The objective of the programme is to help students master the core information in cell biology, molecular biology, and statistics. The programme is structured in such a way that it enables not only academic and clinical proficiency, but also fosters the rational, intellectual, and social ability of the aspirants.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO) 

A post graduate student having qualified the MSc(Medical Physiology) examination should be able to:

  • PEO1. demonstrate comprehensive understanding of physiology as well as that of the applied disciplines.
  • PEO2. demonstrate adequate knowledge of the current developments in medical sciences as related to physiology .
  • PEO3. teach undergraduates and postgraduates in physiology
  • PEO4. plan and conduct research Interpret and evaluate research publications critically.
  • PEO5 plan educational programs in physiology utilizing modern methods of teaching and evaluation
  • PEO6.organize and equip physiology laboratories.

Program Outcomes (PO’s)

  1. Cognitive Domain

A post graduate student having qualified the MSc (Physiology) examination should be able to

  • PO1. demonstrate comprehensive understanding of the structure, function and development of the human body as related to physiology.
  • PO2. demonstrate elementary understanding of the clinical applications of physiology.
  • PO3. critically evaluate the impact of the recent information on the genesis of current concepts related to various topics of physiology
  • PO4. recapitulate the information imparted to the undergraduate students in physiology
  • PO5. identify a research problem which could be basic, fundamental or applied in nature define the objectives of the problem and give a fair assessment as to what is expected to be achieved at the completion of the project interpret the observations in the light of existing knowledge and highlight in what way his observations have advanced scientific knowledge write a scientific paper on the lines accepted by standard scientific journals.
  • PO6. demonstrate familiarity with the principles of medical education including definitions of objectives, curriculum construction, merits and merits of various tools used in the teaching-learning process use of learning aids and learning settings, and methods of evaluation.

B Affective domain

A post graduate student having qualified the MSc (Medical Physiology) examination should be able to

  • PO7. Demonstrate self-awareness and personal development in routine conduct. (Self-awareness)
  • PO8. Communicate effectively with peers, students and teachers in various teaching-learning activities. (Communication)
  • PO9. Demonstrate
  • Due respect in handling human subjects (Ethics & Professionalism)
  • Humane touch while demonstrating living surface marking in subject/patient (Ethics & Professionalism)
  • PO10. Acquire capacity of not letting his/her personal beliefs, prejudices and limitations come in the way of duty.
  • PO11. Appreciate the issues of equity and social accountability while exposing students to early clinical exposure (Equity and social accountability)

C. Psychomotor Domain The student should acquire competencies in the following tasks:

  • PO12. perform and critically evaluate the practical exercises done by undergraduate students
  • PO13. design, fabricate and use indigenous gadgets for experimental purposes
  • PO14. share learning experiences with the undergraduate and postgraduate students using appropriate pedagogical skills and methods
  • PO15. draw out meaningful curricula for teaching medical and paramedical courses give lucid, interactive lectures, presenting the information in a logical, simple and comprehensive manner generate interest and curiosity amongst the students during lectures give practical demonstrations
  • PO16. organize the laboratories for various practical exercises, substitute and fabricate some of the simpler equipment for teaching purposes.
  • PO17. handle and order for stores, draw up lists of equipment required to equip physiology laboratories.
  • PO18. design and carry out technical procedures required for a research study record accurately and systematically the observations and analyze them objectively effectively use statistical methods for analyzing the data.
Course Fee
For National Students
1st Year 127308 2nd Year 131127 3rd Year 135061
For International Students
Fee Per Semester Fee Per Year
Eligibility Criteria
For National Students
  • MBBS / BDS / BAMS / BHMS / BUMS / B.Pharma / BVSc / B.Sc. Life Sciences / B.Sc. Biology /B.Sc. Bio Chemestry / B.Sc. Nursing / BMLT / BPT / B.Tech. (Bio-Tech.) with minimum 55% marks.
For International Students The eligibility criterion for all programs for international applicants is minimum 50% in the qualifying examination and having studied the pre-requisite subjects for admission in to the desired program.
Course Reruirement
  • MBBS / BDS / BAMS / BHMS / BUMS / B.Pharma / BVSc / B.Sc. Life Sciences / B.Sc. Biology /B.Sc. Bio Chemestry / B.Sc. Nursing / BMLT / BPT / B.Tech. (Bio-Tech.) with minimum 55% marks.
Career path you can choose after the course
  • Physiologist
  • Technical Assistant
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Sports and Fitness Nutritionist
  • Lecturer/Professor
  • Lab Assistant
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Junior Research Fellow
  • Max Hospital
  • Apollo
  • Jaypee Hospitals
  • Medanta
  • Columbia Asia
  • Fortis Health Care
  • Action Balaji
  • Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital


  • image
    Aprajita Laroia

    “Work as a team”, “Always strive to do better”, “Try try till you succeed”and “VASUDEV KUTUMBHKAM” have been the mottos that have been inculcated in us since day one at SMS &R. Being in campus, I have been part of variety of co-curricular activities ranging from annual fest “CHORUS” to CME programmes which have just helped me and everybody around to grow and learn for the further life. From the brilliant academic support provided to us by the faculty to the never ending lists of platforms we get to showcase our talent.

    MBBS, 2012

    Placed In : NA

  • image
    Dr. Garima Goyal

    Pursuing my postgraduate (MD) from Sharda University has been a great experience. The medical school and the hospital are both beautifully constructed and adept for providing the rigorous training that this course demands. The regularly held seminars, presentations, CMEs and conferences have led us to be exposed to the upcoming trends and new technologies in use today. We are taught not only the theoretical aspect but also encouraged for practical skill development and skill diversification here.

    M.D., 2013

    Placed In : NA

  • image
    Dr. Agrima Bhatia

    The excellence of faculty, strength of infrastructure & facilities, commitment to education have placed our medical school at the forefront of medical education. My journey from the dissection hall to the patient's bedside has been amazing. I have been blessed with the best faculty who nurtured us as saplings.

    MBBS, 2009

    Placed In : NA

  • image
    Anisha Kwatra

    Winning Maruti Suzuki Autocross Delhi for 4 consecutive years and Chevrolet Seed sprint in 3 states of North India, today I am on a dream drive with stethoscope around my neck. I could accelerate both my careers without brakes only with the help annd support form the administration and faculty of SMS&R. This college has some of the best teachers, highly qualified and devoted, putting in all the effort to clear smallest of concepts, paying individual attention. I am glad i chose SMS&R.

    MBBS, 2011

    Placed In : NA

  • image
    Dr. Arpit Jain

    I can honestly say that joining SMSR was the best decision I've ever made. Along with the excellent infrastructure, our teachers, who are also our personal mentors, have moulded us in the best possible way to be excellent doctors. Being in campus, I have also been a part of Kartavya, an NGO in the university, where we teach the underprivileged children. It has truly been an experience that has made me grow as an individual.

    MBBS, 2012

    Placed In : NA

  • image
    Ashmita phuka

    SMSR did not only help me excel academically to persue my dream to become a doctor but also gave me a platform to showcase my skills and talents. We were not only blessed with an excellent and experienced faculty but also with an environment and crowd where we found our companions and friends who became family in no time. I am extremely grateful for this journey as I get out as a doctor and a confident individual ready to conquer the challenges ahead and make a difference in the society.

    MBBS, 2015

    Placed In : NA

  • image
    Rishab gupta

    The journey of a medical undergraduate is really grueling and cannot be walked alone. At SMSR I found like-minded and sincere companions who made the journey easy, and I was shepherded by excellent teachers who were my guiding lights. The path itself was peppered with numerous opportunities -both academic and extra-curricular, waiting to be seized. Countless CMEs, conventions and competitions helped me realize my talents which even I didn't even know that I possessed. All these activities along with an amazing campus made the whole experience indelible as well as incredibly rewarding for me.

    MBBS, 2015

    Placed In : NA