International Conference (Literature and Transdisciplinarity) on 27th August 2021

21 Aug 2021

School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Sharda University is organising an International Conference (Literature and Transdisciplinarity) on 27th August 2021.

About the Event.
At this years international conference, we aim at transcending not just geographical but also abstract disciplinary boundaries. We will try to move away from discipline-centric investigations and explorations. We would try to create a more transdisciplinary approach towards constructing critical perspectives in and around literature. Our conference would try to engage literature vis-a-vis religious, cultural, political, psychological, social, philosophical, linguistic, environmental, business and even scientific domains.

The objective of the Event    

  • To re-initiate an interdisciplinary dialogue among literature and other disciplines of Humanities &Social Sciences  
  • To meet the requirement of NAAC with a special focus on collaboration with academicians from India and abroad 
  • To explore literature within the larger human web of interactions would help re-establish literature in its rightful place 
  • To encourage students to write, present and publish research papers in collaboration with faculty members

Zoom Meeting Details: 

  • Meeting ID: 94610163770
  • Passcode: 106724

Convener details:    

  • Dr. Gurpyari Bhatnagar,
  • Ms. Sapna Aggarwal, 
  • Dr.Jyoti Jayal, 


Speaker details

Name of the  Speaker



[Academics/ Industry/ Research Organization/ Others

( Please specify)]


Speaker - 1

Prof J. Scott Jordan (Inaugural)

Illinois State University, USA

Academics - Professor and Chair, Institute for Prospective Cognition

Speaker - 2

Prof Rajneesh Arora

( Inaugural)

The English and Foreign Languages University, India

Academics – Director, EFLU

Speaker - 3

Prof Andrew Davies

( Keynote)

University of Birmingham, UK

Academics – Director, Edward Cadbury Centre, and Professor, School of Philosophy

Speaker - 4

Prof Vennelakanti Prakasam

( Keynote)

CIEFL, India

Academics - Former Director, CIEFL, and Dean, EFLU

Speaker - 5

Dr Irina Symons ( Plenary)

University of Kansas, USA

Academics – Lecturer, Department of Philosophy

Speaker - 6

Dr Smita Sahgal ( Plenary)

Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi, India

Academics – Associate Professor, Department of History