National Seminar on ‘Role of Judiciary in upholding Constitutionalism on 21 November 2020

18 Nov 2020

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About the Event

To appreciate concept of Constitutionalism, understand role of Judiciary in upholding Constitutionalism, discuss the challenges faced by courts in upholding Rule of Law and provide insights upon emerging issues on judicial sanctity and transformative Constitutionalism; School of Law, Sharda University is organizing a National Virtual Seminar and seeks submissions from academicians, lawyers, research scholars and students. The organizers of the Seminar have called upon the legal professionals, academicians, practitioners, research scholars, administrators, students, social activists and the representatives of governmental and nongovernmental organizations to present their research papers relevant to the below-mentioned themes.

  • Politics and Constitutionalism
  • Transformative Constitutionalism and Role of Judiciary in India
  • Sanctity of Judiciary for maintaining Constitutionalism
  • Modern Concept of Rule of Law
  • Environmental Constitutionalism
  • Judicial Supremacy in Comparative Constitutional Law
  • Contemporary Constitutionalism and the dialectic of constituent power
  • Mediated Popular Constitutionalism
  • Judges as guardians of constitutionalism and human rights
  • New Constitutionalism and the Expansion of Judicial Authority

The seminar will cover the Role of judiciary in transformative constitutionalism; new Constitutionalism and the Expansion of Judicial Authority; judges as guardians of constitutionalism; the sanctity of Judiciary for maintaining Constitutionalism; judicial independence as a fundamental value of constitutionalism and Supreme Court of India on Constitutionalism.

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