Sharda University launches new age programme in Department of Genetic Science & Engineering

19 Jul 2018

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new age programme by the Department of Genetic Science & Engineering.

Genetic Science and Engineering is a department with academic excellence which imparts quality teaching, high-end research and technology development in frontier areas of Genetic Engineering, Stem Cell Biology, Oncology, Biomedical Engineering and Molecular Medicine.

List of the courses

1. B.Tech. in Genetic Engineering

2. B.Tech in Stem Cell and Technology

3. B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering

4. B.Sc. in Molecular Oncology

5. M. Tech in Genetic Engineering

6. M.Sc. in Stem Cell Science

7. M.Sc in Molecular Oncology

8. M.Sc in Molecular Medicine

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