Webinar on PUBLIC SPEAKING MASTERCLASS on 8th April 2022

04 Apr 2022

Sharda Skills is Happy to Launch a Webinar on PUBLIC SPEAKING MASTERCLASS Please Register Yourself by Clicking on the Registration Link Below.

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Objectives of the Event: 
  • To provide participants with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to express themselves clearly, with confidence and power, in a variety of speaking situations.
What Will You Learn?
  •  The benefits of being a good public speaker  
  •  What makes a good Speech and Process involved in delivering an effective public speech:  
  • Types and Styles
  •  Researching the subject and the audience.
  •  Venue and facilities.
  •  Structure of speech and speech delivery- verbal skills and body language.
  •  Confidence, Control, and physiological factors.  
  •  Tips to alleviate Stage fear.
  •  Engaging the audience-Demanding action at the end.

Program Coordinator : 

  • Mr. Amit Kedia | Sharda Skills | 9773607542
Speaker Host:  
  •   Mr. Prasenjit Sinha | Sr. Trainer SHARDA SKILLS  | 9891445718 
Convener Details: 
  • Mr. Dheeraj Sharma - Director | SHARDA SKILLS
Date:  8th April | Friday
Time: 7 pm