Webinar on ‘ Financial Planning under the banner of SEBI's IAP (Investor awareness program) on 26th Feb 2021

24 Feb 2021

This webinar emphasizes the saving culture among college students by introducing various asset classes available to them. Make the students understand impulse buying behaviors' impact during this Covid-19. This Webinar is to provide awareness about fraud schemes (Ponzi schemes), so students will safe from them as well as online frauds. Keeping the students financially aware and achieve financial wellbeing by accessing appropriate financial products and services

Objective of the Event

  • To make the participants understand Investment basics, Avenues, and awareness about online financial fraud.
  • To make participants aware of Mantras of savings, Government scheme for supporting poor people.
  • To encourage the students, peruse a career in Financial Markets. 

Convener details- Prof Deepa Chauhan, 8527064353 ,

Coordinator details- Dr. Arti Sharma, 9999911336,

Co-Coordinator details- Prof. Chhavi Jain, 9911133753,

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Date and Timing- 26th Feb 2021, 03:30PM